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This sucks to say, but the Knicks under Mike Miller are only kinda bad

Under the adroit misguidance of clueless but sympathetic figure David Fizdale, the Knicks were 4-18, and perhaps on their way to a season of true disaster.

Since Dec. 6, though, when the doofuses running the Knicks fired the doofus coaching the Knicks, this team has been so … drama-free and capable of winning.

Last night, on the road against the Kawhi-less Clippers, the Knicks scored 45 points in the first quarter, blew a 16-point lead, almost overcame a 16-point deficit, and eventually lost, 135-132. It was the type of lively game that never would have happened in November.

Interim coach Mike Miller (not the former LeBron crony) is now 6-8 as coach of the Knicks, and the advanced stats pre- and post-Miller are strikingly different:

Offensive rating:

Under Fizdale: 101.9, last in NBA

Under Miller: 109.4, 14th

Defensive rating:

Under Fizdale: 112.9, 25th

Under Miller: 110.5, 21st

Net rating:

Under Fizdale: -10.9, last

Under Miller: -1.1, 17th


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