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The entire league is unironically happy for David Fizdale

Fizdale laughing with upper management hours before being fired. Source: NY Post.

The idiots running the Knicks fired David Fizdale on Friday, after a 129-92 loss to the Nuggets the night before, and it was absolutely refreshing to see how everyone else across the league reacted to the news. Here’s a roundup of Fizdale’s well-wishers, who were unanimously thrilled to see a friend get out of such a toxic relationship:

Rick Carlisle, via Brad Townsend:

“I’m happy for Fizdale to be out of that terrible mess that he had nothing to do with.”

Reggie Miller, via Twitter:

“I’m actually happy for Coach Dave Fizdale, he’s a good man who’s was dealt a terrible hand with the Knicks.. But he’s not the only one who should be shown the door. #KnicksStink

Kendrick Perkins, on The Jump:

“I’m so happy for Coach Fizdale! Yes! He gets to go to bed at night, no more stress."

Stan Van Gundy, via NBATV:

“I’m happy for David Fizdale, I really am. I mean to be out of that cesspool is good for him, I think. And his mental health and everything else.” 

Also Van Gundy, on new interim coach Mike Miller:

“I’d like to pass on my condolences to Mike Miller.”

"If I had gone to New York that would have been me like three years ago.”


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