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1230 games. 30 teams.
The Grip is an NBA-obsessed newsletter for the info-craved basketball mind.
We want to connect with NBA nerds from anywhere and everywhere, weaving today's news with yester-year's happenings.

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Have you heard of Harthorne Wingo, the only documented case of a New York City street baller going from asphalt to NBA?

Are you aware that teams are forbidden from trading back-to-back first round picks because former Cavaliers owner Ted Stepien traded away five consecutive first round picks in the early 1980s?

Has it ever occurred to you that the first non-white NBA player was not black, but an Asian-American baller named Wataru Misaka, who played three games for the New York Knicks of the old BAA during the 1947-48 season?

If you knew these cool but hard-to-justify-in-a-real-world-setting facts, that’s awesome; you’ve stumbled upon a newsletter for like-minded individuals such as yourself, you NBA sage.


If you didn’t, that’s awesome, too, because you must have a serious penchant to learn.

We at The Grip are writers, fans, amateur historians and storytellers, but above all else, we are in the business of public service, providing you, the reader, with clean, thorough and entertaining news and notes from the greatest sport in the world.

We hope you enjoy,

The team at The Grip.

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