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The Raptors’ 15-game win streak, by the numbers

Last night, the Raptors beat Timberwolves for their 15th win in a row.

That is not only a franchise record, but also a record for any professional Canadien sports team. 

A few numbers from the streak:

.409 win percentage

Not to be buzzkills, but the Raptors’ opponents during the streak have a combined winning percentage of .409. Toronto has had the easiest schedule of any team over the last 15 games.

38-16 record

Last year, the Raptors were 38-16 through 54 games. This year, without Kawhi Leonard, they’re 40-14.

10.7 net rating

Toronto isn’t just winning these games, it’s blowing teams off the floor. The Raps have a 10.7 net rating during the streak, second only to the Bucks’ 12.7, of course.

118.7 offensive rating

During the streak, the Raptors have a 118.7 offensive rating, tops in the league. Over an entire season, that mark would be the highest ever.


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