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Five interesting prop bets heading into the NBA Finals, from our resident tragic betting figure

Pat: If you didn’t lose enough money on the NBA playoffs yet (I have), or you’ve got some winnings that are burning a whole in your pocket (I don’t), here are some entertaining options to lose money on.

  • Draymond Green is a plus-400 to win Finals MVP. (Betting $100 pays out $400)

  • A triple-double for Pascal Siakam at any point in the series has 100-1 odds. Incredible value, although he had none this season.

  • Will Drake massage Nick Nurse this series? No is a minus-400; yes is a plus-250.

  • For Game 1, Steph Curry’s over-under for 3-pointers is 4.5; Klay Thompson’s is 3.5.

  • If you think the Warriors are going to run the Raptors off the floor, Golden State is plus-500 to sweep the series. If you’re feeling completely reckless, are on drugs, or believe in miracles, the Raptors have 50-1 odds to sweep.


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