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Five thoughts on the East and West standings heading into All-Star Weekend

5. The ultimate prize in the East is the second seed. Whoever gets it (probably the Raptors or Celtics) will get to waltz through either the Magic or Nets and delay playing the Bucks until the conference finals. 4. The Trail Blazers are running out of time to figure things out. They sit at an uninspiring 25-31 and are four games out of the eighth seed. Luckily, they have the fifth easiest schedule remaining while the eighth seed Grizzlies have the hardest. 3. The Spurs are five games out of the playoffs with their least inspiring team since the late ‘90s, which says everything you need to know about San Antonio. The playoff streak might finally be over after 22 years, in which they won five championships. What a run. 2. The Bucks lost their eighth game of the season on Wednesday against the Pacers, and are 46-8 heading into the break.

  • The ‘15-16 Warriors through 54 games: 49-5

  • The ‘95-96 Bulls through 54 games: 48-6

  • The ‘66-67 76ers through 54 games: 47-71.

To every 76ers fan witnessing this emotional seesaw of a season, from every Celtics fan who witnessed the 2018-19 Celtics: We’re really sorry for what you’re going through.


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