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Bam Adebayo, Miami’s hidden gem

A lot has been made of the 18-6 Miami Heat this season.

(As we pointed out in yesterday’s newsletter, the Heat’s net rating is a little dubious and they’ve benefited from a weak schedule, but we digress.)

Part of the bloated win total has been the free agent addition of star Jimmy Butler, but an almost equal part has been the Pascal Siakam-esque emergence of stretchy third-year power forward Bam Adebayo, who tallied his first triple double (30-11-11) in last night’s overtime win against Atlanta (more on that later).

Adebayo's first name is:

  • AwesomeUnfortunately, not actually his first name. His real name is Edrice, which is nice, too.

  • Bam is his technical nickname, and is inspired by Flintstone character Bamm-Bamm.

His traditional stats are impressive and show his versatility: 

  • 15.3 PPG | 10.4 RPG | 4.4 APG | 1.2 blocks | 1.4 steals

His advanced stats are, as well: 

And don’t get us started on the eye test:

A lot of Miami’s offense runs through Adebayo, who is third on the Heat in touches, with 58.2 per game. He can bring the ball up, run a nice fastbreak, and can pass from the top of the free throw line to outsider shooters and players in the paint.

He is, as The Ringer pointed out last month, a lot like Draymond Green -- can score a little bit, can rebound, can play defense, and is unusually good at passing for a big man. Plus, his jumpshot is broken (he’s one of eight from 3 this season), just like Draymond.


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