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The end for Dirk, D-Wade

In Dwyane Wade’s last home game last night -- Detroit’s win over Memphis knocked Miami out of the playoffs -- he tried to jump up on the scorer’s table, for old time’s sake, and completely wiped out before trying again, sheepishly, which is probably the most glaring message the universe could have sent him, that, indeed, it’s time to retire.

He did drop 30 points in a win, though, and, in Dallas, Dirk wrapped up his final home game by also dropping 30 points in a win.

Some endearing moments include:

After the game, the Mav-lifer finally acknowledged his retirement: “As you guys might expect, this was my last home game.”

Those two were great players with intersecting careers all spent on one team -- we’re just pretending the Chicago-Cleveland years didn’t happen -- so of course it makes sense they played their final home games on the same night, both winning, and both scoring 30.

But, to be fair, only one of them got a shoutout from Barack Obama.

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