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Yes, there are still important games left

Talented the Eastern Conference’s bottom rung is not. Wildly entertaining, it is.

Last night, the Brooklyn Nets beat the Indiana Pacers, 108-96, to clinch their first playoff appearance in four seasons. Meanwhile, the Orlando Magic pulled away late against the Boston Celtics, winning 116-108, turning their surprise season into a spot in the playoffs. The Nets, at 41-40, own the tiebreaker over the Magic, also 41-40, for the sixth seed.

Then, there are the bottom three teams, who all have playoff hopes alive. Here are the current standings entering Monday night’s slate.

While the Pistons are currently in the eighth seed, there’s not much room for error. They own the tiebreaker against the Heat but not the Hornets; if they go 1-1 while Charlotte goes 2-0, Charlotte makes the playoffs and Detroit doesn’t.

The only way for Miami to make the playoffs is to win out and have Detroit lose out, while the Hornets go either 1-1 or 0-2.

The only one of the three which controls its own destiny is Detroit, which makes the playoffs if it wins the next two games.

Make sense?

Detroit’s remaining schedule:

Tues, April 9th: Detroit Pistons vs. Memphis Grizzlies Wed, April 10th: Detroit Pistons @ New York Knicks

Charlotte’s upcoming schedule:

Tues, April 9th: Charlotte Hornets @ Cleveland Cavaliers Wed, April 10th: Charlotte Hornets vs. Orlando Magic

Miami’s upcoming schedule:

Tues, April 9th: Miami Heat vs. Philadelphia 76ers Wed, April 10th: Miami Heat @ Brooklyn Nets


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