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12/17/1991: An all-time beatdown

(Young Steve Kerr on the 1991 Cleveland Cavaliers. He added five points to the 68-point win.)

On this day 28 years ago, the Cavaliers beat the expansion Heat, 148-80, breaking the record for largest margin of victory in NBA history.

The 68 points still stands as the record, though the lead was actually 73 with 54 seconds to play.

The Heat’s Glen Rice, on the game:

"I don't know what we played, but it wasn't basketball."

You can view the box score here. A few highlights:

  • It was only a 20-point lead at halftime, which means the Cavs outscored Miami by 48 over the final 24 minutes

  • Eight Cavs (five of them bench players) scored double-digits, but the highest scorers, Mark Price and David Battle, only had 18


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