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The Double-A Southern League of the mid-’90s dug the long ball, especially when hit by the greatest

Sunday’s episodes of “The Last Dance” covered Michael Jordan’s foray into baseball after his first retirement.

Decades later, this factual sentence still doesn’t seem real:

In 1993, the three-time reigning NBA champion and most famous athlete in the world retired from basketball to dive head first into the unglamorous world of long bus rides and bad food in mid-sized cities across the southeast, as a member of the Double-A Birmingham Barons. 

Anywho, Jordan batted .202 with three home runs and 51 RBI in his one season in the minors. It was good enough that Terry Francona, his manager for the season, said Jordan could have eventually made it to the bigs. (It’s also important to note that Francona has never said anything bad about one of his players, ever.) “The Last Dance” did an admirable job of covering Jordan’s baseball life, but the best job to date was done in the 30 for 30 “Jordan Rides the Bus. [READ: Actually, Michael Jordan’s .202 batting average is more impressive than it seems]


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