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Who wants LeBron?

Jeff Van Gundy floated the idea of trading LeBron on Saturday during the 76ers-Warriors game.

Yesterday, B/R’s Ric Bucher dropped a piece where he asked several anonymous general managers and owners what the Lakers could get for him.

It’s interesting, and Bucher, who writes exactly how he talks, is always good. But this quote just seems silly:

"I still think you could get a decent package for him from a bad team," one Western Conference assistant GM says. "A first-round pick and a good young player. But it would've been a lot more a year ago, for sure."

When did LeBron James, who is averaging a 27-8-8 and is under contract for the next two years, become Jimmy Butler on an expiring contract? LeBron’s value has to be higher than a pick and Lauri Markkanen.

Here’s another quote:

"He's not good enough anymore to take four cadavers and get to the Finals," the GM says. "Not in the West."

When it’s all said and done, Bill Simmons’ greatest accomplishment will have been spreading his use of the word cadaver all the way into the front office of NBA teams.


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