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Tommy Heinsohn’s accomplishments, ranked

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

11. Making the Hall of Fame as a player 10. Making the Hall of Fame as a coach 9. Helping to form the NBA Players Association, a fundamental institution in the 1960s which helped shift power from owners to players, making way for necessities like pensions, health insurance, and anti-discrimination laws 8. Renting an apartment to one of my neighbors growing up 7. Earning the nickname Tommy Gun ("Sure, he takes a few bad shots now and then” -- Bob Cousy) 6. Winning eight titles in nine seasons as a player and two as a coach 5. Calling Kyrie Irving fat 4. Saying, of Aron Baynes, after a quick peek in the shower, “He looks like all of Australia!” 3. “That is bogus!!!!!” 2. Doubling as a chimney during his playing days and having the "oldest 27-year-old body in the history of sports" 1. Painting this very nice watercolor painting (Tommy is an experienced artist)


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