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TNT is axing its “Players Only” broadcasts

The Athletic’s Richard Deitsch reported on Wednesday that TNT will not be doing anymore “Players Only” broadcasts this upcoming season. “Players Only” was an idea by the network to have only ex-NBA players commentate on NBA games. So, no Kevin Harlan or Marv Albert (not the worst thing) or any other professional play-by-play person, whose sole purpose in their working life is to be good at dictating into a microphone what is happening in a sporting event in which they are watching, which is a very hard thing to be good at.

An attempt at a transcription, from the play’s start to its immediate aftermath:

First four seconds of play: Silence
Kevin McHale: Oh…
McHale: Ohhhh...
Greg Anthony: Oh my goodness..
McHale: Oh…
McHale: They just let him…
Anthony: Oh…
Anthony: When you got….when you can….when you can knock a team off, you’ve got to be able to knock them off….
Anthony: Big shot right there….
McHale: Wowwww….



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