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The Warriors seem happy…

Draymond Green appears to be on the backside of his prime. He’s averaging seven points and seven rebounds, his lowest in both categories since 2013-14, and his 3-point percentage (25.6) has fallen off a cliff.

He shoots like he’s wearing a backpack and he almost made Kevin Durant quit basketball earlier this season, scared straight style.

And, last night, after the Warriors lost to the damn Suns, 115-111, he appears to have temporarily broken his coach, who has a long history of thinking Draymond Green is a bit much.

Click here, watch the video on a loop, and try and tell us Steve Kerr didn’t say “I’m so fucking tired of Draymond’s shit,” or, perhaps “schtick,” during a late-game timeout.

Now, how many times has Kerr said this since taking over in 2014 — 20? 30? 100 times?

Either way, it’s funny and brow-raising to see it straight from the distraught coach’s mouth.

Kevin Durant might be gone after this year, but Green is still owed $18.5 million by Golden State next season.

So, who’s going to leave the Warriors first? Kerr or Green? There’s gotta be a prop bet for that.


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