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The Lakers’ lost season is good for something

Take it from Zach Lowe -- this year for the Lakers has been a complete trainwreck.

But the recent white flag has brought back Andre Ingram, the NBA’s Moonlight Graham, who played two games last year as a 31-year-old rookie, scoring 19 points in one of them.

He got a call-up a few days ago from the G-League’s South Bay Lakers -- you can watch him find out about the promotion here -- and signed a 10-day contract with the Lakers, appearing in last night’s win over the Bulls, playing two minutes.

This is nice from a PR standpoint, but it must be an enormous sigh of relief for Ingram financially, whose 10-day contract will earn him just under $75,000, according to Basketball-Reference, nearly $40,000 more than the base G-League salary this year.

For the grey-haired Ingram, who runs basketball camps and tutors math on the side, the Lakers’ gesture must feel like a winning lotto ticket.


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