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The Clippers are wonderfully annoying

First of all: The Golden State Warriors are completely fine. Two lazy losses to a first-round opponent are not a reason for panic; if they lose to Houston next round, it won’t be because of one more trip to Los Angeles. 

They can lock in whenever they need to. And, looking to make a fifth straight NBA Finals, they can pretty much admit that

Second of all: Does this not look like the most heat underground rap group of the all-time?

Lou Williams is already a rapper, of course, and has a Drake song dedicated to him, but we need to get Montrezl Harrell and Patrick Beverley some ghost writers ASAP. 

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For real, though: By winning another game in Golden State on Wednesday, 129-121, and pushing this series back to Los Angeles for a Game 6, the Clippers have validated this fun-as-hell season that’s essentially been a long free agency pitch for this upcoming offseason. 

They’ve won 48 games, outshined LeBron, pushed the champs to six games, have #twomaxslots, plus a good coach, a great market, Jerry West, and an owner in Steve Ballmer who’s very corny, but isn’t James Dolan, which is an important distinction.  

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