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Processing The Process, two days later

Photo credit: Mark Blinch

Hey Philly,

I hope you cried with Embiid, and found a friend to hug you the way Marc Gasol hugged your 7-foot-3 weeping willow.

We watched with half ambivalence as your team sucked for half a decade, smirked when Sam Hinkie became the sacrificial lamb, and, we’ll be honest, laughed really hard when your former president got outed for defending his own wardrobe through a burner Twitter account.

But this -- this four-part play played out over four bounces -- is rough.

Just remember: Cry because Embiid said it was ok to. Cry because Ben Simmons ain’t ever developing that jumpshot. Cry because Brett Brown is coming back. But smile, because at least you’re not going back to the old days.

Then, cry again, because we’re about to link that shot.

I know that more than anything you want to take a few swings at Drake while trying to fathom this defeat. Here are two silver linings:

  • You got rid of Markelle Fultz, the most baffling case of the jitters the NBA has ever seen.

  • There’s a 1 percent chance you win the lottery tonight. You know what else had a 1 percent chance of happening? That Kawhi shot. Sorry.



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