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Popovich; sustained grumpiness and greatness

The Spurs beat the Nuggets last night, 120-103, to force a final deciding game in Denver on Saturday at 10 p.m. EST, which makes sense because this series continues to make very little sense. 

Something to think about: A lot of people believe Gregg Popovich, 70, is going to retire after he coaches the national team during the 2020 Olympics. Some people think he’ll retire before that, Tim Duncan style. 

Whenever he does board the old guy train, he will surely leave the team in good hands, but the league will be hugely diminished, and there’s certainly a chance Saturday will be his last NBA game, so let’s admire this beloved grouchy weirdo while we still can by watching highlights of him ripping on bad questions by naive reporters.  

(In some ways, the perfect way for him to go out would be as coach of an average but scrappy team with two fringe All-Stars and a Division II player.) 


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