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None of us should care that the ratings are down

This season, less people are watching the NBA on TV. As of November 22, games on TNT and ESPN were averaging 1.45 million viewers, which is down 18 percent from last year.

This definitely has something to do with the fact that:

  • The Internet has gifted all of us with the attention span of a rabbit

  • Not many young people have cable

  • We can all watch crystal clear games on, for free 

  • Dozens of sources on YouTube (including the NBA’s official account) offer 10-minute, digestible highlight videos of every game

  • There are also probably other factors -- the China thing, LeBron playing in the Western Conference, Zion’s injury, etc.

Many hours of thinking have regrettably been devoted to this topic. Every media entity is lining up with a take. Rather than do the same, we’ll ask two questions: 

1. Do you still enjoy watching the NBA?

If the answer is yes, then none of this matters. 

2. Are you, or anyone you know, a TNT or ESPN exec whose bottom line is impacted by less people watching primetime NBA games? Do you have money at stake here?

If the answer is no, then, again, why would any of this matter?

In fact, we would encourage all of you to start watching games exclusively on Let’s get that 1.45 million into the six digits.


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