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The NBA COVID-19 infection masterlist

Since Rudy Gobert’s positive diagnosis on March 11, the virus has reached most corners of the league.

Here’s the running list, via Reddit, of all NBA personnel who have tested positive for the virus:

  • Utah’s Rudy Gobert

  • Utah’s Donovan Mitchell

  • Detroit’s Christian Wood

  • Brooklyn’s Kevin Durant

  • Three other Nets players (undisclosed)

  • One member of the Denver Nuggets organization (undisclosed)

  • Three members of the Philadelphia 76ers organization (undisclosed)

  • Two Lakers players (undisclosed)

  • Boston’s Marcus Smart

  • Former NBA player Jason Collins

It seems a little strange that some players are being outed as positive while others aren’t. Shouldn’t all names be disclosed in the name of public health? Don’t they know we have an All-Corona team to assemble? Anyways, here’s our current projected lineup, which, if healthy, would probably win the East:

  • Rudy Gobert (C) 

  • Christian Wood (PF)

  • Kevin Durant (SF)

  • Donovan Mitchell (SG)

  • Marcus Smart (PG)


  • The two Lakers players (imagine if one was LeBron or Anthony Davis?)

  • The three Nets players (hopefully not Džanan Musa)

  • Jason Collins, who is 41 and inactive since 2014

The biggest unknown right now is big man depth. Depending on who our mystery bench five is, we could be looking at 15-20 minutes a night from Collins.


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