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The Grip Asks: Is this Reddit user onto something?

A few days ago, this year-old Reddit post resurfaced. It asked, simply, and ingeniously:

“Serious question: why can’t 4 Warriors starters lock arms and form a ring around Steph Curry, so he can take open shots?”

Holy … More from the post: “Picture this: the warriors go out and get 4 incredibly strong bodies with really long arms. For the entire game, on the offensive end, those 4 guys lock arms together and form a circle around Steph Curry so that none of the opponents can get to him.” In 2018-19, the Warriors took 89.8 shots per game. (Let’s round that to 90.) So, if the Warriors employed this strategy for an entire game, and Curry shot 90 3s in a game at a 40 percent rate, and no one else shot it once, he would score (and the Warriors would have) 108 points:

  • 36 x 3 = 108 points

That year, the league average was 111.1 points per game. Curry, by himself, with four large, long-armed men diligently huddled around him in finger-linked solidarity, could single-handedly carry a slightly below league average offense. What do we do with this info? Not sure.


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