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Michael Porter Jr. leaked Adam Silver’s email. You won’t believe what happened next.

Here is a quick timeline of yesterday’s NBA news, with pictures for context/proof.

Approximately 12:30 p.m.: Michael Porter Jr. uploads this picture to his Snapchat, effectively doxing Adam Silver:

Approximately 7:35 p.m.: The Grip finds out that Michael Porter Jr. uploaded that picture to his Snapchat, effectively doxing Adam Silver.

Precisely 7:37 p.m.: Adam Silver’s email signs up for The Grip. 

Approximately 7:41 p.m.: Deputy NBA commissioner Mark Tatum’s email -- or someone whose email is in the exact same format as Adam Silvers’ leaked email -- signs up for The Grip. 

We cannot -- and, quite honestly, will not -- confirm exactly how those events transpired, but you should know we also texted Silver (and accidentally used the past tense of ‘write’):

And FaceTimed Silver:

Adam, if you’re reading this: We’re sorry for the overzealous opportunism with which we approached your doxing, but we really appreciate you signing up.


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