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LeBron, who loves his team, hates his team

After the Lakers beat the Rockets on Thursday night, LeBron James, speaking of his current team, which he tried to wholesale trade for Anthony Davis three weeks ago, told TNT’s Rosalyn Gold-Onwude:

Then, following a 13-point loss to the Davis-less Pelicans on Saturday night, he reverted back to his disappointed self:

“How many know what's at stake if you've never been there?...I'm playing devil's advocate, you know? It's kind of a fine line when you talk about that, because when you've never been there or know what it takes to actually shoot for something like that, sometimes you're afraid to get uncomfortable.”

Maybe his teammates like him. We don’t know. But if someone tried to trade us, then told us he loved us, then criticized us a few days later, we’d probably sit a few seats away from him as well.

The Lakers are three games out of the eighth spot entering Monday night.


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