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Isaiah Thomas finally got his closure

Isaiah Thomas came back to Boston, finally got his tribute video, played pickup with Emerson kids, which produced the worst shot of all-time and made some outlandish claims, which is to say, it felt for a few days like he never left.

All of Monday night was a lovefest for a since-forlorn player who never made the NBA Finals and only was with the Celtics for two and a half years, which tells you what type of person he is.  

“I’ll remember how the city treated my family, how ever since I came here, it was special to me. So this will always be home, this will always be like how [my hometown] Tacoma feels to me. It’ll always be something that’s bigger than basketball here, and I can’t thank this city and organization enough for that.”

And here are the highlights of the time he dropped 53 points on the Wizards in a playoff game.


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