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In appreciation of the OG Warriors

The Kevin Durant Warriors have an air of droning inevitably.

Like the freight train that rumbles by at 2 a.m., that team is going to get where it’s going, and there’s nothing LeBron James, James Harden, or anyone else, can do about it.

The OG Warriors -- that’s what we’re calling them now -- are those jump-shooting assholes you must begrudgingly respect and even sort of like, the ones who rose from 40 years of irrelevancy, combusted after a 73-win season, then went out and bought the type of insurance package that’d make even the least risk-taking suburban white dad clocking 400K swoon.

Last night made us remember why we hate-watched this beautiful nightmare. Portland was ahead last night, 65-50, at halftime, and who in the world would have confidently said the Trail Blazers were going to win that game?

When Durant plays, he’s like the fun police, coming to make sure his team won’t ever find itself in position to rev the engine and have to erase a 15-point lead. (He also averages the third-most isolation plays in the league, which means, naturally, the ball, and the players, zip around a little more without him on the court.)

Last night, the sprinter spotted its competition 10 yards to start the second half and made it up by the 3:48 mark of the third quarter, when a 3-pointer by Klay Thompson gave the Warriors a 77-75 lead.

Then, an awesome and entertaining game broke out against a feisty Trail Blazers team, where Steph Curry (37) and Thompson (24) combined for a completely necessary 61 points, about half of which wouldn’t have really mattered if Durant was healthy and playing. Curry, without his 7-foot cheat code this postseason, has reverted back to two-time MVP Curry. Even Press Release Magic agrees.

Oh, and Steph and Seth Curry are brothers.

Seriously, they are. 


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