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David Stern, unplugged, on the Chris Paul-to-the-Lakers trade he vetoed in 2011:

"(New Orleans general manager Dell Demps) had agreed to (trade Paul to the Lakers for) Kevin Martin and Luis Scola or something, and I said we can do better than that.... And the next trade was (to the Clippers for) Eric Gordon and Al-Farouq Aminu and what we thought was a really great draft pick, the 10th pick, which turned out to be Austin Rivers. At least those three and someone else (center Chris Kaman). But Dell Demps is a lousy general manager and none of those players are currently with the team anymore, and he may lose Anthony Davis."

DAMN. Any response, Pelicans? As it turns out, yes, they did have a response.

This came during a longform sitdown with Stern by Chris Ballard at S.I. The whole thing is worth reading.


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