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Brian Windhorst is drunk with power

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Brian Windhorst, the reputable NBA reporter who has recently decided to go on a crusade against actually reporting the stuff he knows, went on Zach Lowe’s podcast on Monday and told all of us to bow down to his precious scoops, or else he would withhold information -- information that is just about sports, remember, and not anything actually vital to the world.

4:00: Do I want to blow Zach’s podcast up in the first minute or not? I’m trying to think.

Sounds good, Windy. Let’s hear it.

4:08: Do I want to talk about the possibility that Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis can play for the Lakers, or should I just let that go?

Whatever you want, really. We’re ready for it. But --

Zach Lowe: 4:15: You just did it, now.


4:18 (Back to Windhorst): Hmmm. (inaudible)


4:25: Umm, so Anthony Davis has pulled one lever, which is to ask for a trade. Really it’s sort of multidimensional. He didn’t have to ask for a trade. Just announcing he wasn’t going to sign the extension was asking for a trade effectively, but he went ahead and did it. His other level is to, and the one he’s holding in reserve, is to say he only wants to play for X number of teams, or one team and that is yet to happen, although I suspect it could happen.

Oh, fuck off Windhorst.

Here’s what Bleacher Report is, at least, actually reporting: Interest in a LeBron-Kyrie reunion is “for real.”


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