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A ridiculous comeback last night

This is perhaps the one millionth-most important thing happening in the NBA right now, but the Timberwolves are dissolving into a puddle before our eyes.

They lost their 10th game in a row last night, at home, against the Kings, which is remarkable only because they were leading by 22 points with six minutes left and by 17 points with 2:49 left.

According to ESPN, such a collapse hadn’t previously happened … maybe ever:

“Since 1996-97, the first year of play-by-play data, NBA teams entered yesterday 0-8,378 when trailing by 17+ in the final 3 minutes of the 4th quarter or overtime”

You just have to watch the highlights, but, basically, the Wolves went to their garbage time rotation, Buddy Hield hit every shot imaginable, and De’Aaron Fox pulled the craftiest play of the year, GIF’d above, to tie and send the game to overtime, where the Kings eventually won, 133-129.

One game probably can’t quite trigger a relocation to Seattle, but give the Wolves a tip o’ the hat for trying.


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