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Last night was a great night for the little fish

Three random and improbable things happened last night, all intertwined by the thread of the obscure and remote reaches of college basketball: 

  1. Holy Cross (Division I) lost to UMass-Boston (Division III) last night, 69-66, in overtime, in a game the Crusaders paid UMB to play in. 

  2. Miami’s Duncan Robinson, who played for tiny Division III Williams College in 2015 before transferring to Michigan, nailed 10 3-pointers and dropped 34 points in the win over the Hawks. For reference, 10-plus 3s has only happened 49 times in a game in NBA history. 

  3. J.J. Culver, brother of Timberwolves rookie Jarrett Culver, who plays for Wayland Baptist University, an NAIA school (similar to Division II or Division III), scored 100 points in a single game last night. Here’s little bro’s reaction and here’s J.J. recreating the obligatory Wilt 100 points picture.


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