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12/10/19: Tank standings

With some particularly bad teams in the NBA this season, it’s never too early to look at the race toward the bottom. Let’s gander at the live standings, cleanly laid out by our friends over at

The surprise tank of the season, of course, is Golden State. The only concern for the Warriors, though, is the two All-Stars in D’Angelo Russell and Draymond Green, and a winning coach in Steve Kerr.

In the end, a clueless team like Chicago or Memphis might just lose itself into the top-four, edging out the Warriors.

Interesting tank game of the week: The Knicks play the Warriors tomorrow, which could have huge implications on the top seed.

Other Notables:

The Cavs are sticking around, but how bad they want to be will depend on how willing they are to trade Kevin Love. If they do so, contention with the Knicks is a real possibility.

Don’t count the Hawks out, either: 

  • They have the fourth worst defense rating in the league (114)

  • They’ve got the worst 3-point percentage (31.7%) 

  • They average the most turnovers per game (17)

  • They’re giving 42-year-old Vince Carter 15 minutes per game

Atlanta seems serious about a top-four spot.

To see how your team competes in the fight to be the worst, head to or follow them on Twitter.


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