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05/22/2006: The Mavericks squeeze by the Spurs

On this day 14 years ago, one of the great second-round series ever wrapped up, with the Mavericks defeating the Spurs in San Antonio in a Game 7 overtime, 119-111.

In the final 30 seconds of regulation, Manu Ginobili nailed a 3-pointer to make it 104-101, which felt like a dagger. But Dirk’s driving layup, GIF’d above, combined with Manu’s bonehead foul, tied the game at 104. In overtime on the road, the Mavs outscored the Spurs, 15-7, to advance. Had Manu simply let Dirk get his layup, the Spurs might have won the series and repeated (and perhaps three-peated) as NBA champs. Also, a quick reminder that no one did more with less than Dirk. Here are the two starting fives that day… Dallas: 

  • Dirk 

  • Jason Terry

  • Josh Howard

  • Devin Harris

  • Erick Dampier

San Antonio: 

  • Tim Duncan (who had a 41-15-6 in Game 7)

  • Bruce Bowen

  • Michael Finley

  • Tony Parker

  • Manu 

That’s three Hall of Famers to one.


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