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Put Ja Morant in the All-Star Game

This pass, from Ja Morant to Jaren Jackson Jr. during last night’s 121-110 win over the Rockets, is all you need to know about the Grizzlies’ season so far.

Memphis is:

  • 8-2 in its last 10 games, and 19-22 overall

  • In eighth place in the West, a half-game ahead of San Antonio for the final spot

Morant is:

  • Positively delightful

  • A potential All-Star 

  • A great Twitter follow

  • Shooting 57.5 percent from the field during this 8-2 stretch, and averaging 18 points overall on 49-40-80 shooting splits

  • Trashing talking Harden under his breath

Reminder: Andre Iguodala is still technically on the Grizzlies.


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