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Joel Embiid’s relationship with Philly is both toxic and exhilarating

The Process is going to get its own 30 for 30 someday, and it’s probably just going to be named The Process, which is super lame.

One of the best parts of it, though, will be the retelling of what’s happened over the last week, when Joel Embiid went full WWE heel and trolled the city of Philadelphia before deciding enough was enough and effortlessly winning them back.

  • Last Friday, at home against Memphis after a four-game road losing streak, Philly fans boo the 76ers, because that’s what a suppressed, angry city does.

  • On Sunday, at home again versus the Bulls, the fans boo the 76ers again. Then, Embiid hits a dagger 3-pointer, does the shushing motion and tells his home crowd to shut the fuck up.

  • On Monday, Embiid posts a picture of the incident on Twitter and Instagram with the caption, “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

  • Later that Monday, Jimmy Butler, laughing from his glass house in Miami, comments on the Instagram post, saying, “I know a place where villains are welcome.” Embiid replies within a minute, saying, “Damn right my brother.” The city is wounded. Sports radio segments like this one start packing Embiid’s bags.

  • On Tuesday morning, betting sites start releasing odds on where Embiid will play the first game of the 2020-21 season.

  • On Tuesday night, Embiid is introduced at home against the Clippers to more boos. He has a slight smile.

  • In the first quarter, Embiid makes an and-one, smiles and prompts the crowd to cheer louder. They do. Without verbalizing it, Embiid is saying, you know I love you, bigheads. He finishes with 26 points and the 76ers beat the Clippers, 110-103, improving to 25-2 at home.

  • After the game, Embiid posts a picture of him hyping up the crowd with the caption, “BROTHERLY LOVE #MyCity

Below the picture, a 76ers fan from the darkest trench of the NBA Internet comments, “shush me daddy,” and like that, the most toxic and exhilarating fan-player relationship in the league is back together.


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