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We have a very urgent question

Rex Chapman -- yes, THAT Rex Chapman, who appeared on our White Guys Who Could Really Fill It Up, Ranked, list -- Tweeted out a funny video the other day. (He’s a great follow.)  

It’s of a very athletic man jumping from the tip of the (high school) 3-point line and laying in the ball from about five feet from the basket.

The caption reads: “I’m posting this and saying, “That’s a 3-pointer.” (sic) just to see who argues.”

It’s a good question, but our feeling is, that has to be a 3-pointer, right?

Why hasn’t anyone tried this on a clear breakaway? Giannis Antetokounmpo is the obvious first choice here, but, if Lance Stephenson happens to lay eyes on the video, it’s very likely he’s the first to try it.


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