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The free agent big man lottery: Intensely depressing

After likely losing DeMarcus Cousins for the season to an ACL tear last week, the Lakers are looking for a big man on a budget. The two names circulating are Dwight Howard and Joakim Noah, who are one immature joke and one petty failed drug test away from signing BIG 3 contracts, respectively.

Given the choice, you’d have to think Joakim Noah is the guy here, given that he played actual games last season (it’s true) and hasn’t been chased out of town by his last five NBA teams.

The funny thing is: Both these players are kind of on the Grizzlies right now. Howard was traded there by Washington, though he’s expected to be waived at some point, while Noah played half a season with them last year, though he’s actually a free agent.


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