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So, what was that all about?

Let’s just get this out there: The way Nuggets-Spurs Game 7 ended on Saturday night was amateur hour at the Comedy Studio.

The Nuggets had the ball, up four, with 27 seconds left, and the Spurs, for some reason, decided to call it a season rather than foul and extend the game.

So, Jamal Murray missed a 3-pointer with four seconds left. DeMar DeRozan got the rebound, didn’t call timeout, and let the clock -- and the game -- bleed out.

It was as if every member of the team quickly huddled and decided they were ready to pack for the summer. It confounded smart people on Twitter

Gregg Popovich, in perhaps his final game as an NBA coach, said in the postgame that he was calling for a timeout, though nothing in the film suggests that.

Even so, DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge have played in 130 playoff games combined. Why didn’t one of them commit a foul and at least get the ball back with some time left on the clock?

If it was indeed Pop’s final game, it was a strange one, especially considering no one knows more about longshot comebacks at the end of a game than him.


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