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D-Lo walks into an airport...

The AriZona beverage brand is timeless. Years pass. Seasons change. The 3-point revolution takes over the NBA. And still, be it 2002 or 2019, you can amble on down to the local corner store and buy a big can of inflation-proof sugar water for 99 cents. 

When global warming takes us all at some point in the next five to 10 years, we can only hope the next life forms with socialistic tendencies and opposable thumbs reintroduce the 99-cent nectar. 

For now, though, we'll celebrate it, and be happy that Brooklyn Nets guard D'Angelo Russell introduced us to another use for a jerry-rigged AriZona can on Thursday: The impractical weed holder!

The All-Star was cited for marijuana possession at LaGuardia Airport in Queens yesterday, and the undisclosed amount was found inside a carved out AriZona can, proving that NBA millionaires and townies at Hampton Beach aren't that different after all.

The flavor of AriZona wasn't immediately disclosed, unfortunately, but, as Woj said later on Thursday, this won't do much to sway the Nets from courting Russell, who is set to become a restricted free agent.  

Russell will be fined $100 for his citation and might have to enter a "marijuana program," according to the CBA

If anything, this story shows the strange relationship this country has with weed right now. On one hand, it's chic, artisanal and mainstream. On the other hand, a millionaire feels he needs to sneak it by TSA on his flight to Louisville.

(Not that a real AriZona can would even get by security.) 


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