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Of course Carmelo Anthony deserves this

Carmelo How-Many-Points-Have-You-Scored, Muthafucka? Anthony is packing up his 25,551 points and heading to Portland on a non-guaranteed contract, the world learned last night.

Did anyone ever really think this guy wasn’t among the 360 best players in the world? Of course not.

Why did it take so long? Why did he have to beg? Why did it take a desperate team like the 4-8 Trail Blazers for him to get a chance?

The answer is probably looped in an analytical equation on an excel sheet of a team-issued Macintosh typed in by a white guy with an Ivy League degree, who had the option that ‘Melo never dreamt of: A career in sports or a career on Wall Street.

Nonetheless, the one-and-done champ, the Olympic icon and the future Hall of Famer is back, and the league is wayyyyyy better for it.

Hopefully he drops 30 on the Rockets Monday night.


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