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2/14/20: Tankathon Update

It’s the All-Star Break, which means all these bumbling teams will take a few well-deserved days off from all their losing. A few notes:

  • The Knicks are safely out of playoff contention which means it’s time for them to start winning enough games to force themselves out of a top-four spot in the upcoming draft.

  • We can’t say enough about Minnesota. After the D’Angelo Russell trade, the Wolves’ roster was barren enough to pull off a convincing loss to Charlotte on Wednesday. Also, they’re 9-33 since tweeting this.

  • Is Golden State bad or what? The Warriors’ unintentional comedy meter reached a new high on Thursday, when Shaq took a crack at pronouncing Alen Smailagić, who you might remember from our game show, Are these people current NBA players, or prime ministers of the former Yugoslavia?

  • An enviable commitment to tanking: Harrison Barnes announced on Thursday that he wouldn’t shave or get a haircut until the Kings reached .500, or the end of the season. Harrison -- if you wanted to know what not shaving until the end of April felt like, you could have just done it.


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