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The last bucket of the men’s NCAA basketball season

While every other conference in college basketball was announcing the cancellation of its tournaments, the Big East Tournament briefly continued yesterday, with St. John's and Creighton tipping at noon and playing at Madison Square Garden up through halftime.

The game -- and the tournament -- was called at half, with St. John's beating Creighton at the time, 38-35.

LJ Figueroa's dime to David Caraher was the game's, the tournament's, and the season's final bucket.

For 82 years, starting with Oregon in 1938, there has been a men’s NCAA basketball champion. That’ll end this year.

Side note:The end of the NCAA basketball season is particularly terrible for one-off teams like Seton Hall, San Diego State, Dayton and Rutgers, which were all having their best seasons in a long time.


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