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What the draft needed: More #Ads

Last night, almost every top pick at the 2019 #NBADraft played part in making their own #DreamComeTrue: getting paid to tweet.

Oneafteranother … sent out slightly varying tweets, after getting drafted at the #NBADraft, from #PaniniInstant, apparently a basketball card #brand.

Just so you know, folks:

Zion, to the Pelicans: “Can’t wait to get started.” Ja Morant, to the Grizzlies: “Dream come true!” RJ Barrett, to the Knicks: “NYC let’s get it!” De’Andre Hunter, to the Hawks: “Let’s get to work” Jarrett Culver, to the Suns: “Dream come true!” Coby White, to the Bulls: “Chi-Town let’s gooo!” Rui Hachimura, to the Wizards: “Hyped to join the #DCFamily Cam Reddish, to the Hawks: “What a special night. Such a dream come true.”

That about rounds out the top-10, with:

Five: emojis Three: dream-come-trues Three: let’s-go variations One: player who’s #hyped, and… One: player who just #cantwait to #getitgoing in New Orleans

The only two skipped in the top-10 were Darius Garland and Jaxson Hayes, who must not be #hyped! to promote their very own #NBADraft rookie cards.


So, #let’sgetit! And write those two’s #PaniniInstant tweets for them.

Garland, to the Cavs: “Headed to the Land!”

Hayes, to the Hawks: “What’s up A-Town!”

We realize #SponCon is as old as the influential athlete, but what kind of synchronized, cookie-cutter hell are we entering? (At least they didn’t mess up the copy and paste, like the last two No. 1 picks.)

Anyways, let us know #WhoWillYouCollect!


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