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The Warriors used to be a great team in a beat-up arena, now...

The Chase Center, the new home of the Golden State Warriors, in downtown San Francisco, is a modern marvel.

We could bore you with the specifics by using shiny words like sleek and chic to describe its cantilevers and terrazzo-clad bridges, but the San Francisco Chronicle has already done that PR loop for us.

The thing cost a billion dollars, and it was clearly built with Silicon Valley types who couldn’t tell the difference between Monta Ellis and Perry Ellis in mind, who now don’t even have to travel to Oakland to watch their new favorite team.

The ticket prices are stupid expensive. It’s full name is the Chase Center Experience. The Rich White Guy Smog that amasses at the top of the arena is thick enough to support a gold-gilded credit card.

You can see why they did it, though: It’s the perfect place to house a team made up of Klay Thompson, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston. 

But, an ACL tear, a broken hand, a torn Achilles, a hurt finger, a trade, and a retirement later, here is the lineup the Warriors broke out against the Hornets on Saturday, which the bros who already comped tickets to their work accounts will get to see on a nightly basis this season:

The 2018-19 Warriors: The team San Francisco deserves; the team Oakland would probably still pay to see, if it still had a team.


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