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Nick Van Exel’s sudden love of iced coffee is the best

We’ll get to the NBA Finals, but first…

The absolute most endearing NBA-related thing right now is Nick Van Exel’s newfound love of iced coffee, and it’s playing out in front of our eyes. Let’s look at the timeline.

June 9: Van Exel, the one-time all-star who played for six teams in the ‘90s and ‘00s and has an awesome highlight tape, tweeted this innocuous but thoughtful prose.

This is fantastically random in its own right. But since his revelation, his love has taken on a life of its own. The iced coffee suggestions started pouring in. From the same day:

(Someone commented on it, saying, “Is that beer,” to which Nick responded: “I have no idea. That’s what I thought it was. Lol. Must be some kind of coffee.”) Spot on.

June 10: Good night, Nick.

June 12: Three days from inception, it appears a favorite brand for Nick has emerged:

(Interesting choice. I will say this: McD’s is so much cheaper than any of that artisional stuff. If you get it black and put in cream when you get home, it’s doable. The sin is leaving it up to the employees. They’ll make your iced coffee whiter than Mike Pence unless you repeat a few times that you want it with no cream and no sugar.)

On the same day, Nick tweeted this magnum opus of a video while driving in a golf cart, which has now eclipsed one million views. Here’s what he had to say:

“Yo, what’s up, what’s up? Had a little iced coffee this morning, just wanna let everybody know -- all my Twitter followers, everybody that’s in my phone, my friends, my family -- I’m disappointed in y’all that y’all didn’t let me know about iced coffee before, so, disappointed, but ***takes sip of what appears to be Sonic iced coffee*** since it tastes so good, I forgive y’all, peace.”

June 13: Uh oh, Nick’s discovered the good stuff.

Iced coffee is one of the great things in my life. I’m happy Nick has found this pleasant wrinkle in the universe, as well.

-- S.E.


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